About us

Full-service creative firm With The Right Stuff

Since our founding in 2001, we have served as a full-service creative production company for more than 100 companies on over 2,000 projects. We continue offering our clients a variety of services and are always looking for new ways to lead them to success.

A Full-service Creative Production Company

We are a full-service creative production company. We provide comprehensive support to our clients, helping them transform their creativity into websites, videos, brochures, and more.

Data-driven Planning

Using data we obtain through social listening and marketing automation, we launch campaigns and create video and web productions to help our clients’ products and services reach the public.

Collaboration is Key

In addition to our in-house production work, we collaborate with cutting-edge partners and experts of all industries. As a team, we all contribute to the success of our clients.

Our Love for New Things

Whether it’s new technologies, innovative initiatives, or methods never before used in Japan, we love new things. Together with our clients, we take up new challenges while minimizing the risk of failure.



Showcase Video for Salesforce.com

Our management system uses Salesforce Sales Cloud. The entirety of our management information is collected on the Salesforce cloud platform. This includes data on our clients, projects, project progress, profits, cash flow projections, and employee performance, making our management more efficient. In this video, we offer you a quick look into our office and business. Please have a look. We also offer development services using Salesforce. Feel free to contact us anytime. We have many ideas for using it in your projects!

A Project Partner

In order to increase a company's appeal, we want its projects to progress smoothly. We will be the partner who travels alongside such clients on their way to success.

A Promotion Partner

Marketing is a science. We do the required data analyses and offer suggestions for the steps necessary to sell our clients’ products.

Cross Data Management

We use BIs such as DOMO, and we have our own KPI for integrating and evaluating data. We construct business dashboards to help with management decisions.

MA Installation / Operational Support

Choosing those which best suit our clients, we help install and operate marketing automation tools, such as Marketo.

Content Production for Marketing

Digital marketing requires your own useful content. We plan and produce landing pages and videos according to the purpose and target of the measure.

Cloud Integration

We offer support for using cloud technology in general, and especially for Salesforce and Heroku. We are the only SFDC regional partner in Saitama Prefecture.

Content Localization

We take the websites and videos introduced to the Japanese market by our international clients, and we match them to the level of product understanding in Japan. We adapt them to the optimal form for the local market.

Website Production

Through careful listening and analysis of existing conditions, we offer web design that incorporates the latest trends.

Simple Website Production

We create basic websites by using template systems, such as WordPress. Such tools have high extensibility, and websites can be updated easily after their completion.

Website Maintenance

Please feel free to consult us regarding the maintenance of your renovated website. We can make updates for as few as a single page.

Video Production

We produce high-quality videos in an editing environment and with the kind of editing equipment that is commonly used in film production. We can handle everything from live-action to full CG.

Brochure Production

We print brochures, fliers, posters, and more. We even help select the paper and send the materials to press.

Element Design

As we design the elements of our clients’ websites, brochures, and more, we are careful not to lose any of the information they want to convey.


We make catch copies and prepare articles. If desired, we also offer other services, such as covering client interviews.

Photography Coordination in Domestic & International Locations

We take both photos and videos. It is also possible to organize photo shoots and video recordings in countries other than Japan.

Drone shooting

We are focusing on drone shooting that conveys the charm of travel and nature.
We have had shooting results since 2012, and we have equipment that can handle not only aerial shooting but also underwater shooting.

About us

Name Mercury Project Office, Inc. (acronym: MPO)
Managing Director Akahori Tetsuya
Establishment April 2002
Capital 10 million yen (as of April 2015)
Banking Information PayPay Bank — Head Office Sales Department Saitama Resona Bank — Sakado Branch
Affiliated Organizations Japan SOHO Association (Office SOHO ID: 103650779) ※ You can learn more about our status and credit by contacting the foundation (0120-178444). Please make inquiries using our SOHO ID.
Qualified Invoice Issuer Registration Number T7030001069595
Contact Tel: 049-287-8841 (The operation of the representative telephone has ended. Please contact us from the inquiry page.) Fax: 03-5204-9202 (Hours: Weekdays from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM)
Address 126-1, Mercury 2F, Atsugawa, Sakato, Saitama Prefecture, 350-0242, Japan We are a 10-minute walk from Ipponmatsu Station on the Tobu Ogose Line. ※ Please see the map at the bottom of this page.
Our Business
  • Comprehensive Internet consulting & graphic design; planning and production of computer graphics
  • Marketing automation installation / operational support
  • Planning and production of commercial design and advertisement design
  • Photography of persons, products, automotives, events, etc.
  • Planning, production, and operational management of websites
  • Planning, data collection, recording, editing, and management of broadband videos
  • Planning, data collection, recording, and editing of corporate video productions and other types of videos
  • Planning and creation of devices and videos displaying public facilities, tourism facilities, etc.
  • Development of web applications that coordinate with WWW + databases
  • Planning, design, and commissioned operation of communication networks and information systems that use the Internet
  • Application Development with generative AI
  • Automation of existing moving vehicles and development of solutions using add-on versatile autonomous driving technology

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We support NPO

We use part of our work hours to support the activities of the NPO Nature Service. If you feel stressed and need to connect with nature, come and join us!

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If you are having any kind of issue, please do not hesitate to consult us! A group of more than 90 people, with the inclusion of our partners, is here to support you.